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February is Heart Health & Gum Disease Awareness Month
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Make an appointment now for a cleaning or gum treatment in February
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"The Surprising Link Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Health: What Dental Professionals Need To Know", January 30, 2017, By Robert H. Gregg II, DDS, Dentistry IQ

"Gum Disease and Heart Disease", American Academy of Periodontology

"February Marks American Heart Month", CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Patients should know the dangers of online kits for teeth whitening
Photo from Multibriefs: Exclusive article

Photo from Multibriefs: Exclusive article


Dr. Keegan recommends this online article from
Multibriefs: Exclusive

Like everything else in life...teeth whitening is also good in moderation.

The not-so-bright side of the teeth whitening industry is that patients continue to turn to online resources to whiten their teeth, simply due to cost. This can be dangerous to their overall oral health, as inexperienced persons will expose their teeth longer than recommended to the whitening solutions or improperly fit the whitening tray to their teeth.

These are not the only dangers, or possible costs...

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Cleaning and Prevention
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We believe prevention is the best medicine. Regular cleanings and examinations are the best way to curb dental problems before they arise.  A professional cleaning or "prophy" leaves your gums healthier and your teeth whiter.  Even if you haven’t had a cleaning in years, it’s never too late to treat your mouth.


What should I do at home?

Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride

Brush with an electric toothbrush

Floss regularly

Use an oral rinse containing xylitol

Avoid sugary snacks and acidic drinks


Your x-rays and examination will determine the type of cleaning you need.  If you have periodontal disease a “prophy” is not enough for you.  You will need a periodontal cleaning and maintenance program instead.